Brandon Berman is a highly skilled video editor and experienced director of digital video and graphic design based in Colorado who also offers online one on one tutoring. With a strong background in the higher education industry, Brandon has demonstrated expertise in delivering exceptional multimedia content as well as a passion and talent for teaching.

Specializing in video editing and special effects, Brandon's proficiency lies in using industry-leading software such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. These tools enable him to create stunning visual compositions and amazing stories.

In addition to his mastery of video editing software, Brandon possesses extensive knowledge of other Adobe and Google products, allowing him to bring a wide range of creative ideas to life.

Throughout his career, Brandon has consistently delivered outstanding results, independently and within the higher education sector. His exceptional talent and dedication to his craft make him a valuable asset in any multimedia project.

Whether you're seeking a skilled video editor, a creative director, or a motion graphic design expert, Brandon Berman is the professional you can rely on to deliver compelling visual experiences that captivate audiences and exceed expectations.