Haba Na Haba


"Haba Na Haba, Hujaza Kibaba" is a short series of film vignettes that captures the transformative adventure of a diverse team as they embark on a documentary project in Kenya. Guided by the Kiswahili proverb, which means, “Little by little, will fill a big container.” the film explores their experiences in a land unfamiliar to most Westerners, challenging their preconceptions and igniting their passion for cultural exchange and education.

Arriving in Kenya:

After months of preparation and long-distance communication, the team finally lands in Kenya, unsure of what awaits them in this foreign land. They are greeted by the enchanting moment of disembarking into complete darkness, which soon gives way to a breathtaking landscape. The film captures the sensory experiences of sights, smells, and sounds, setting the stage for their journey.

A Whole New World:

As the team immerses themselves in the local communities, they discover a world beyond the realms of tourism. Their purpose is not to provide immediate aid but to empower the students by sharing techniques for filmmaking and encouraging creativity to express from their own perspectives. 

Let the Adventure Begin:

The series showcases the team's energy and camaraderie as they adapt and work together to travel to their new home in Meru, Kenya. Remembering how their journey began with unexpected friendships and chance encounters, they embrace the spirit of "Haba na haba hujaza kibaba" every day.

Unveiling Kenya's Reality:

Meru, Kenya, a place relatively unknown to Westerners, becomes the backdrop of their journey. The team's initial uncertainty is replaced by a profound understanding of the country and its people. The series captures the stark contrasts of daily life, where individuals carry fruits to sell while wireless connections permeate the airwaves. 

Teaching and Learning:

The team, comprising media professionals, a nurse, teachers, and a facilities engineer, joins forces to teach and share with Kenyan students and faculty the power of media and information technology. Focusing on schools in the Meru area, their aim is to expand their impact and foster cultural exchange. The series highlights the students' growing interest in multimedia and graphic design, demonstrating the warmth and curiosity of the Kenyan people at every encounter. The team soon realizes that they, too, have much to learn from the locals.

Transformation and Gratitude:

Through their interactions with the people of Meru, the team discovers new insights about life, hard work, and the importance of sharing. They encounter unparalleled hospitality and witness the true essence of cultural exchange. The film captures the ignition of creativity in the students' minds, enabling them to craft their own inspiration. The impact of visual communication as a transformative tool becomes evident, shaping the world in which we live.


As the team's time in Kenya draws to a close, they reflect on their experiences and the meaningful connections they have forged. Inspired by the Kiswahili proverb, "Haba na haba hujaza kebab," they understand the power of collective effort and hope that the students of Meru will continue to harness the tools they have provided to foster technological growth. Through this short film series, the audience is invited to witness the captivating journey of the team of 8 and embrace the belief that, little by little, the world can become a better place.

For more information check out https://habanahaba.video/